Monday, February 28, 2011


5 out of 5. I'm sure mostly everyone has seen this by now but Fernando Meirelles has a goldmine in CITY OF GOD. Everything about this film is high-voltage energy. I'm not one to watch too many films more than once, but especially hard-biting dramas like this but man, I have to see it again. Maybe it's because the soundtrack comes up no my Ipod quite a bit and I start thinking about the editing and shots and story...and before I know it I'm feeling the vibe of Brazil. If you ever liked the grit and rawness of THE WIRE...this one is a dynamo.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


3 out 5. John Boorman's POINT BLANK with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson is a bad-ass flick. If you like the era of tough no-nonsense guys who take care of business and don't take lip from a woman. This is exactly that kind of film. Watch this back-to-back with Lee Marvin's remake of THE KILLERS and you'll need to send your loved-one away on vacation just so you can man-out. Solid filmmaking, nothing fancy and it delivers the goods with sand in your teeth. Also Steven Soderburgh and John Boorman are on the commentary track. Fascinating stuff!


Thursday, February 10, 2011


3 out of 5. You might have missed this little gem by director Paul McGuigan, but if I were you I'd put down my money on LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN. Everything is not what it seems here and the fun opportunity of mistaken identity goes awry. Killer performances all around. Smart writing and stylish directing make for a rollicking good time. So if you want a good Friday movie and something with the energy of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels check it out.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


3 out of 5. Lone Scherfig's AN EDUCATION was a tour de force of writing and acting. The directing was really quite good too with some excellent shots that seemingly try to sneak by. Overall a very positive film about family matters being taken down a notch with the entrance of an acceptable gentleman caller. Some nice plot twists and some really great dialogue throughout. The lead, Carey Mulligan is believable in her arc of an isolated teenager to one who grows a backbone through harrowing circumstances to become a sound young woman. I would have scored this higher but while the story and dialogue was quite good the structure of the script toward the end felt a little too satisfying and quick. Definitely memorable regardless and worth a watch.